Tiffany’s Story

Tiffany’s Story

Tiffany 300x200Tiffany is a performer in the shows at Disneyland, Paris. During her initial consultation she told us that she was very worried about the appearance of her teeth. As she spends hours at a time facing and entertaining the public, we immediately understood her concerns.

Tiffany had some crooked upper and lower front teeth and some general discolouration. She also still had a baby tooth in her upper jaw. The adult tooth was still under the gum and unfortunately was in a poor position so couldn’t be brought into her smile, so she had the adult tooth removed in hospital.

Once everything had healed, she came back to us for a course of Invisalign clear braces, to align her upper and lower teeth. Tiffany also decided to undergo some gentle teeth whitening; one this was complete we built her retained baby tooth up to full size with white filling material and carried out some minor repairs to her chipped front teeth.

MSG2 300x200

As you can see, Tiffany was absolutely delighted with the results and now feels she has the confidence to perform at her best in her job which she loves. We were really pleased with the result too and it was lovely to see her come in with a spring in her step!

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