Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Improve your smile and confidence

Missing teeth? Loose dentures?Have you considered dental implants?A dental implant is a fixed replacement for a missing tooth or teeth.  They are extremely strong and can be used to support crowns, bridges, or to stabilise dentures.

Our Consultant Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, Andy Burns, is able to place dental implants in order to replace missing teeth.

A dental implant is an artificial root that is placed into your jaw. Made of titanium, they are extremely strong and are the best option if you have gaps in your mouth where teeth have been removed, and may last as long as 30 years. Once the implant has been placed, a period of 3 months is required to allow healing to occur. Then a crown is placed into the implant by one of our dental surgeons.

As well as improving things inside your mouth, implants can make a huge difference to the structure of your face, especially when they are replacing a number of missing teeth, helping to improve your overall appearance.

Take a look at some of our case studies below to see how we have helped some of our patients:

BeforeBefore treatment – this lady had been unhappy with her front teeth for years. The front 4 teeth had been so badly affected by gum disease that they needed removing.

AfterAfter treatment – once the front 4 teeth had been removed, 2 dental implants were placed, supporting a porcelain bridge, and the rest of the teeth in the upper arch were restored with crowns to give them back their natural appearance and function.