David’s story

David’s story

David’s journey began with us last year in 2017. He fractured his two front teeth in an accident when he was 14 years old so they had been replaced with post crowns. The post crowns lasted many years, but then one of them began to frequently come loose. He was advised that a permanent replacement was needed, David knew that he did not want a denture therefore he decided to proceed with dental implants.

David has since had two dental implants to replace both post crowns and is very happy with the results!

“I was made to feel very comfortable. All the options were explained with all the pros and cons for each treatment along with the price for each individual treatment. I was put at ease by members of the practice, one of which had also had an implant procedure. The fitted implants complement my mouth extremely well, so well you cannot tell. The treatment has been so good I keep forgetting that I have two implants.”

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