Aprils smile of the month

Aprils smile of the month

This lady had disliked her teeth for many years, and was very anxious about dental treatment. She owns a pub and works as front-of-house, so was very conscious of the poor appearance of her smile.

Although one of the front teeth unfortunately had to be removed because it was damaged beyond repair, she decided to have a bridge to replace it. She also decided to have a bridge to replace a missing back tooth. The lady was very anxious about dental treatment, so we spent lots of time with her and replaced a few of her old fillings with new white ones so that her teeth looked better after every visit.

Can you spot where a front tooth was removed and replaced with a bridge? Difficult isn’t it!

We are happy to say that this lady is no longer afraid of dental treatment, and is delighted with her new smile.

These bespoke porcelain teeth were hand crafted from scratch by a skilled dental laboratory technician. This is a painstaking and laborious process but the final result is worth it.

Case by Dr Chris Burton. Porcelain restorations by Frontier Dental Laboratories Inc, California.

Find out what bridge treatment or cosmetic dentistry could do for you, get in touch for a free consultation!

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