White Fillings

Depending where in your mouth your teeth have suffered decay, a white filling is a much more subtle alternative to the standard NHS amalgam (silver-coloured) filling.

White fillings protect the tooth while producing a natural result and restore some of the lost strength and function of the tooth.


Before: This patient was unhappy with the appearance of his front teeth, which had been severely worn by acidic fizzy drinks.


After: They were painlessly restored in one visit with direct composite veneers. No injections were required.

Stage 1: This patient had a decay in a lower molar tooth

Stage 1

Stage 2: Which turned out to be quite large under the enamel.

Stage 2

Stage 3: A composite restoration was placed (sometimes called a “white filling”) after the decay was removed, to give this natural result and restore some of the lost strength and function of the tooth.

Stage 3

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