Welcome to our May newsletter! We are pleased to see that the sun has made an appearance here at Middleton St George Dental Care, we just hope that it is here to stay. It’s almost half way through the year and we are as busy as ever! Would you like to know a few of the things that we have planned? Then just keep reading!

Smile of the month – Hannah’s Story

Hannah’s journey with us began when she decided that she no longer wanted to feel paranoid when smiling in photos. Her main concern was the misalignment of her front teeth. After discussing the potential options with Chris, Hannah decided she would like Invisalign treatment. This consists of a series of removable clear aligners meaning they are almost ‘invisible’ which is exactly what Hannah wanted, as it is much more discrete than the traditional ‘train track’ brace. She is now undergoing a course of home whitening to see how bright she can get that stunning smile!

Competition winners!

Would you like to be our next winner?

Last month we had a special Easter competition especially for the children. We asked them to draw us a picture and the lucky winners would have their drawing designed into their very own cuddly toy. After receiving some amazing entries we narrowed it down to two lucky winners and we are currently in the process of getting their pieces of art transformed!

We would also like to say congratulations to the winners of our monthly prize draws! The winners of the March and April competitions chose a top of the range Sonicare toothbrush each.
We were very excited to give Nichola the good news when her name was pulled from the hat as she has been a patient with us for many years now. She attends the practice regularly with her two bubbly children who manage to brighten up our day whenever they come in.
Remember you could be the next winner!

Inside fact!

Our practice manager Janine started out as a dental nurse when she was just 16 years old. We will leave you to guess how many years ago that was…

We will all be participating in Smile in Pink day which takes place on Friday the 8th June. We will be fundraising to help Bridge2Aid raise money to provide some of the poorest people in the world with emergency dental treatment. The team here will be taking part in a 12 mile sponsored walk to try and help raise as much money as we possibly can, any donations towards this cause would be a massive help! Follow the link below to find out how this charity can help those in need.

Did you know?

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After feeling inspired from watching the London Marathon, our dental nurse Katie and her partner Sam have decided to sign up for their first 10km run. They will be running The Sherwoods Vauxhall Darlington 10k which takes place in Darlington on Sunday 12th August. All donations raised will go towards two very special charities that are close to Sam and Katie’s heart ‘St. Teresa’s Hospice’ and ‘Joseph’s dream’. It may not be a 26 mile marathon but we all have to start somewhere!
If you wish to leave a donation please visit their JustGiving pages at

Exciting times ahead!

Dr Michael Perry is furthering his skills by attending a restorative dentistry course which is held once a month over the next 6 months. The course will cover a number of topics and April was focused on occlusion. Michael’s son Oliver was very excited to have his dad back home, but he was more interested in the Hulk statue that his dad had bumped in too!

Our head dental nurse Natasha will be getting married in June this year and we are all very excited! Preparations are under way as we will be ditching the scrubs for a day and putting the glad rags on for a day of celebrations (mixed with quite possibly some terrible dance moves). We are hoping to be greeted by sunshine as Natasha and Steven make their way down the aisle to being a married couple. We have even provided you with a sneak peek of their gorgeous wedding pre-shoot photos!


And finally we would like to wish a very special Happy Birthday to our principal dentist Dr Chris Burton! Chris celebrated his birthday in London in style with his fiancee at a special event called ‘Secret Cinema’.

We dare you to guess how old he is!