I’ve just been gently tenderised by a burly young lady covered in tattoos. On the price list they call it a back massage. Something I probably need to do more often – my back and shoulders knot up on a regular basis (hazard of the job) and I tend to ignore it until my right shoulder starts waking me up in the middle of the night, screaming at me. Then at that point I need physio. I don’t know why people are scared of dentists – we use anaesthetic. If you want pain, I’d be glad to introduce you to any one of the physios I’ve had since I started my career (one even described herself as a “physioterrorist”). So I’ve decided to try to take a bit more care of myself; nip these things in the bud before they take root. I’ve learned to spot the early warning signs.

I did feel a pang of guilt when I booked it. I suspect I’m not the only one who feels a little bit guilty about spending money on themself that way. I don’t know why. I’m happy to book an upgrade in a hotel, go out for a posh meal, buy a nice pair of jeans without any guilt whatsoever, but anything to do with a spa makes me feel like I shouldn’t be spending the money on myself. Need to get over that.

I was lying there, covered in oil and towels, my face stuck through that hole that reminds me of a toilet seat, thinking of massage and rest, and their place in the process of physical training. I’ve had no alcohol since New Year’s Eve, have been eating “clean” and have been to the gym most days. My weight and body composition have barely budged, but I feel better in myself. I’m sleeping better, but perhaps not enough. You can train as much as you like and eat as much protein as you can, but I’m as guilty as anyone when it comes to the rest part. If you’re not sleeping, your metabolism slows down and you won’t build muscle or lose weight. If you over-train and don’t rest enough, it’ll similarly hamper your results.

When Henry Cavill was getting in shape for the new generation of Superman movies, he said the hardest part of the whole process was getting the 9 hours of sleep his personal trainer recommended. I can’t remember the time I slept for 9 whole hours.

We all need rest and I think it’s underrated.

Have a rest day. Try a massage. Sleep more (seems to work for my cat).

Anyway, my back feels better now.




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