We had a very special visitor to the Practice in November 2017. Emil is 4 years old and was born premature. As a result of the difficult birth he has cerebral palsy. This means he needs support to walk and get around – he’s recently “graduated” from walking frame to a pair of tripod sticks, which shows how determined he is. Unfortunately, his condition also means that pain from muscle spasm is part of daily life for him. He is an amazing little boy – a real character, with great spirit, curiosity and determination.

There is an operation for Emil that could be life-changing for him and relieve much of the spasm and discomfort. It is not a “cure” and he will always have cerebral palsy; however the operation will not only reduce his current daily discomfort but will also reduce the severity of joint and muscle problems in later life.

Unfortunately the operation is not currently funded by the NHS, so Emil’s family are trying to raise £40,000 so that they can pay for it privately and improve his quality of life.

We all really enjoyed spending time with Emil; in fact his visit left us all feeling quite emotional as we realised that we all take our health for granted, including the most basic things like being able to get about unaided. We have recently embarked on several fundraising strategies for Emil and it would be wonderful for anyone reading this to make a donation via his fundraising website:


All donations are very much appreciated, no matter how big or small.

If you would like to know more about Emil and his condition, please visit  www.emilgo.co.uk


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